Take the flight of imagination to the world

Unique cultural and educational tours for children and youth of your school,
a flight into the world of adventure learning

BirdLine is your partner in global learning

Our unique approach of touring the world with cultural and educational lens helps students discover the world through experiential learning.

Culturally immersive experiences give children and youth new perspective, and develop leadership skills among them to become global citizens.

London, Ontario

Represent Pakistan and become the member of international student network at Global Student Leadership Summit, London, Ontario, Canada (8th – 15th April, 2018)

Turkey (Coming Soon)

Turkey is a country with an incredibly rich history and culture, and its popularity as a destination has never been greater. Explore the treasures of Turkey with us

Italy (Coming Soon)

Travel to Italy and experience best of the European culture, cuisine, art, historical landmarks and ancient ruins, the best flavors of modern and old worlds

Unique Cultural & Educational Experiences

Our idea of learning is simple: Add tasteful educational and cultural experiences to the tours of children and youth, while they visit some of the finest global destination to explore culture, food, architecture, language and landscapes.

Our goal is to provide a deeper cultural understanding to children and youth to enhance their experience of traveling, that help them to become better global citizens. We prepare young tourists and teachers with right tools and understanding to go places, explore the world in a unique way, and share the fantastic experiences with other students and peers. Birdline is a company that focuses on creating fantastic global experiences for children and youth.

Educational Partner

The Little Art is Birdline’s education partner that works with us to improve children’s learning through trainings in photography and creative writing so they can gain the best out of their traveling experience.


The Little Art‘s mission is to empower children and young adults through large-scale innovative arts festivals and creative education programs that help them realize and achieve their dreams. TLA manages Birdline workshops with students and curate the post-tour exhibitions.

For Children & Youth

Workshops in photography and creative writing to enable young tourists with the craft of storytelling, to capture the best cultural experiences and share it with the world – along with pre-departure orientation sessions that include understanding cultural norms, food and historical overview for better educational experiences

Supporting Teachers

Our custom designed tour guidebooks for teachers, providing them handy information to prepare children well, explaining the tour details, a brief historical perspective of the city and places, landmarks that will be visited, introducing food and cultural norms and most exciting fun places that are part of the experience.


Rich Experiences

Expertly Guided Tours

Safety Commitment

Immersive Activities

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