The BirdLine Story

Vision: To Create Unique Cultural and Educational Experiences for Children and Youth

My name is UmairMushtaq and I am the co-founder of

I am passionate about traveling, photography, art, history and social media. I am leading the group of co-founders to turn my passion into a company that provides opportunities of exploration and learning through unique experiences to children and youth.

Birdline, the name comes from an image that I remember seeing in my teens where several birds were flying on an ocean skyline. I remember thinking about unknown destinations the birds were flying to, and the joy of seeing the world from a different view point.

The parrot in the logo comes from my 27 months old niece Amani. Tota is parrot in Punjabi, and the first name of a bird she started to say and recognize when she visited a bird park. So we got it in the logo, why not.

Welcome, and let’s explore the world like flying birds!


Mission : 15 Trips by 2019

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